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Miscellaneous Damsels Archive For those who only got one shot at the spotlight
Professor Ichibana (The Tick)
Unlucky Aide (X Men)
Julia (X Men)
Morlocks (X Men)
The Artist's Unluck Fan-girls (Devilman Lady)
Beauty Pagent Contestants (Lupin III)
The Replaced Wrestler (Outlaw Star)
The Unlucky Idol Singer (Sailor Moon)
The Abducted Samurai's Girlfriend (The Samurai)
The Abducted Ninja's Girlfriend (Ninja Ryukenden)
Space cop's bad day (Thundercats)
The Sacrifice (Transformers)
Amy Lean (Moldiver)
Ariette Robert (Cat's Eye)
Snidely's Victims (Dudley Do-Right)
Unlucky Delmos (AIKa)
Penguin's Minions (Batman)
Violet and Lily (Pokemon)
Kuribayshi's Victims (Zenki)
Bunny & the Supermodels (Spy Groove)
The Aasu Family (Puni Puni Poemi)
The Countess (Legend of Reyon)
Cindy (Family Guy)
Penny Jones (Spiderman)
Sharon Weatherbee (Scooby Doo)
Schoolgirls in Trouble (Great Teacher Onizaku)
Unlucky Guards & Humanlit (Najica Blitz Tactics)
Yukiko Kijima (Blue Seed)
The Overcrowding Problem (The Cat Came Back)
Sara (Ninja Ryukenden)
Princess Leia? (Family Guy)
Cindy (Dexter's Laboratory)
Maki Oyamato (Lupin III:Tales of the Wolf)
Lisa (Lupin III)
Agent Honeydew (Dexter's Laboratory:Dial M for Monkey)
Cassidy (Batman)
Annette (Those Who Hunt Elves)
Kimiko Takeda (Cityhunter 2)
Virus (Spicy City)
Jackie Moyette (Mad Bull 34)
Maki (Fist of the North Star)
Female Robin (Batman Beyond)
Security Guard or Guards (Oblongs)
Black Siren (Justice League)
Blazing Dragons Damsel (Blazing Dragons)
Cathy Lee Gifford (Spy Groove)
Christine (Buster and Chauncey's Silent Night)
Murasaki Suminawa (Rupan III : The Fuma Conspiracy)
Rebecca Bradbury (Alienators)
Sandy Gordon (What's New Scooby Doo)
Yukari Masaki (Cityhunter)
Amanda Bahnan (Gadget & the Gadgetinis)
Amazon Warriors (Yu-Gi-Oh)
Ayako Rokumeikan (Cityhunter)
Aya Misaki (Cityhunter)
Hisako Washio (Cityhunter)
Miss Betty (Duck Dodgers)
Sara (Sonic the Movie)
Unlucky Civilians (Wild Arms)

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